DETROIT (WWJ) – Annual school budget discussions are happening in Lansing leaving Governor Rick Snyder defending his education budget plans amid criticisms from some Democrats.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports on the annual battle on education spending.

“The net cut was about $100 per student, two percent, and so we are putting in a percent back in total to total numbers,  two and a half percent, ongoing to ongoing. So we are putting resources in education. Again, people shouldn’t spend all their time talking about spending money, let’s talk about students and growth,” said Snyder.

Snyder contends that he is increasing state support for education but the Democrat leader strongly disagrees.

Skubick says the Senate Democratic leader, Gretchen Whitmer, calls Snyder’s school aid plan “a crock”, and a cut not an increase.

“It’s more than lip service, it’s insulting, insulting people’s intelligence. You can’t say ‘I’m raising money for schools’ when it’s actually a cut,” said Whitmer.

“He was touting that he was going to be putting up more money into education and I think people were generally excited about that fact, but .8% increase when inflation is 3.3% is a cut,” said Whitmer.

Snyder says that he’s increasing spending and it’s about improving the schooling your kids get.

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  1. Rewind says:

    Snyder took $1 Billion from education last year and gave it back to corporations in the form of tax cuts, this is in addition to increasing performance cut cut scores on the MEAP and getting rid of categorical funding for at-risk populations. Mr. Snyder has done everything possible to break the unions in Michigan and undermine public education to the nth degree! A shame we put no value on children yet all the value on corporate profits and building prisons. While India and China double down on education the good folks in Lansing are doubling back! Not to mention opening the flood gates on for profit charter schools who’s dismal performance and standards remain football fields apart from public schools! I wonder who that impressionable teacher was for Snyder, and this is how he pays them back!

  2. jack says:


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