HARPER WOODS (WWJ) – Six students from the Harper Woods School District have been arrested after police found guns, knives, a stash of drugs and alcohol in their lockers.

The items were reportedly found at the middle and high school campus on Beaconsfield Street, near 8 Mile Road. The campus went on lockdown early Thursday afternoon after a 16-year-old student who had a .9 mm handgun in his locker took it out to show his friends when the gun accidentally discharged.

The bullet hit a locker, barely missing several students who were standing nearby. No injuries were reported.

Officials say the boy put the gun back in his locker and went to class, but the teachers called police who brought in K-9 dogs and searched the lockers.

While police were searching other lockers in the schools, they found a .40 caliber handgun and a .22 caliber handgun, one of which was loaded. They also found three knives, as well as an unspecified amount of narcotics and alcohol.

One female student and five male students were arrested. It is unclear if they will face charges.

In a letter send to parents Thursday, Superintendent Todd Biederwolf said while they were scared by the incident, their “safety procedures worked … our district staff and community law enforcement worked as a team to resolve this potential threat.”

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  1. no name says:

    That picture above is not the inside of Harper Woods High School, or Middle School

  2. homedrugtestkit says:

    When are parents going to step up and take some accountability? This is going on across America. Myteensavers counselors treat teen addicts. You won’t believe the shock on parents’ faces when you tell them that they may have been their child’s drug dealer. Unattended pills in the home is an invitation to experiment. Kids are not afraid to try high powered opiates, once someone tells them how great it felt. But when that costly high goes away, teens turn to cheaper heroin. Teen addicts often say that parents don’t enforce the anti-drug message and that home drug testing may have stopped them from trying in the first place. Don’t let experimentation lead to addiction.

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