DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit City Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins is involved in trying to get a handle on youth violence.  Following the murder of a nine-month-old boy Monday … her efforts take on a new urgency.

Speaking live on WWJ Newsradio 950, Jenkins was asked ‘where is the outrage in the community?’

“I think there is outrage in our community … every month we have people join us who are outraged by the amount of violence that’s impacting young people in our city, but one of the things we have to do is get these guns off the street,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins says there’s no reason for anyone who’s not in the military to be walking around with a semi-automatic rifle, which police believe was used in the shooting.


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  1. Racerboy says:

    “Getting guns off the street” is an empty-headed, over simplistic, blame it on something else response to a much larger problem. Detroit has evolved into a breeding ground for societal refuse. No family structure, no ethical or moral values, life is a meaningless commodity for a large segment of the city’s population. The last Mayor was a perfect example. WWJ hit the nail on the head when it asked, “where is the outrage in the community?”. I feel terribly for all those Detroiters who feel threatened and helpless in their everyday environment. Until REAL outrage gathers enough momentum, these criminals will continue to find ways to prey upon the decent folks….and they will ALWAYS have weapons.

  2. Bruce says:

    As if it would be any less tragic if the assailant not had access to the rifle and burned the house down with everyone inside it instead. It wasn’t the gun that was responsible for this tragic death.

    Odds are the shooter had been in front of a judge recently and not been sentenced to anything resembling a serious prison sentence.

    If you don’t want incorrigible, violent individuals shooting up your city, put them in prison when the opportunity presents itself. Taking my guns away wont help. One bit. And the politicians know it.

    Gun control is a popular “solution” amongst the weak-minded and lazy. It’s easy to trample on the rights of the peaceable. Going after violent, savage criminals is hard work.

  3. Toady says:

    “but one of the things we have to do is get these guns off the street,”

    What you have to do is convince the underclass to go back to the two-parent family. Sons that have a father aren’t as likely to turn feral.

  4. Zeno546 says:

    Our politicians don’t care about this . Its an opportunity to place more and more controls on the public that have little or no effect on violence

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