DETROIT (WWJ) – More than two dozen law enforcement officials joined together to announce an “unprecedented” initiative aimed at curbing the tide of violent, deadly crime in Detroit.

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade says a pilot program that targets repeat offenders and known criminals with federal penalties will now be expanded to include most of Detroit’s eastern district, which has seen a sharp rise in violent crime.

McQuade said she is making reducing homicides in Detroit her “personal resolution in 2012.”

“We have the ability to get stiffer sentences in the federal system,” explained McQuade, speaking to reporters on Wednesday. “If you are a felon and you posses a firearm we can prosecute you federally. And we have now expanded the number of cases we’re going to take arising out of the eastern district.”

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee says with stiffer sentences, criminals will not be back on the streets re-offending.  That, he said, is a key component of putting a stop to violent crime in the city.

“Statistically, you have to understand, once somebody commits one homicide, criminologists have shown it’s easier for them to commit the second, the third, the fourth. It becomes a pathology,” said Godbee.

According to McQuade, the program is already working.

She said that since the pilot’s launch last fall, police have been able to get some extremely dangerous criminals off the streets, including a 27-year-old now facing serious time in federal prison for possessing a machine gun equipped with a grenade launcher.

Wednesday’s announcement comes in the wake of a rash of crime that included the fatal shooting of a 9-month boy and the death of a 6-year-old at the hands of  two 15-year-old carjackers with an AK-47. A 14-year-old allegedly shot his mother to death while she slept, and a teen girl was caught in the crossfire and killed when two got into an argument and opened fire on a Detroit street.

Also over the weekend, an 86-year-old World War II victim was carjacked at a Detroit gas station in broad daylight on his way home from Bible study.

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Comments (6)
  1. Stomach Ache says:

    Nothing like igniting further unrest and mayhem in Detroit. Apparently Mr. Tummy doesn’t have a good sense of Detroit history including the 1943 and the 1967 riots. Inflammatory statements only make Detroit’s problems worse.

    And Mr. Tummy continues to demonstrate how racism is Detroit’s major road block to civility. It is a two way street in Detroit

  2. Michael says:

    Get off the Austerity band wagon and start taxing the 1% . This BS giving tax breaks to the wealthy and subsidies to Corporations who pay their ceo’s like little dictators has got to stop. Otherwise, quit complaining about robberies and car jacking. Just buy a sidearm and take care of yourself.

  3. Michael says:

    Most people are like sheep, I see it every day. Either walking with their face down, tweeting something useless and stupid no doubt, unaware of what’s going on around them. If you live in Detoilet or the surrounding suburbs, and you are not vigilant in your observation of things happening around you, than I would say you might deserve to get robbed or worse. Look around before you stop your car in a lot and, into an establishment before you enter and repeat the process on your way out. While you’re busy on that cell phone someone could be sizing you up. It’s not rocket science. And, if you legally carry a weapon, make sure your hand is close to it and ready to produce it if necessary. Don’t go to stores late at night, if you can’t get what you need before dark, get it the next day. Being alone is not good, just ask the calf who wandered to far from the herd, might have to as the cougar that ate him. Or not. Common sense is a learned asset, what’s more important, your life or, that pack of smokes. If you do go out, do it with purpose and walk like a badass. If you telegraph your fear, the experienced bad boys pick it up real fast. If someone you don’t know starts walking up to you, put your hand inside your coat and let them know it’s a bad idea. Don’t be timid. If he stands his ground, make your way back to the establishment where there’s people and tell them to call 911. Practice your getaway plan often, in your mind or physically. What you do instinctively may save your life.

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