MSU Offering Classes About Surviving Zombies

You’ve heard of some colleges and universities offering unique classes. The University of California at Berkeley has offered “Simpsons and Philosophy.”

Frostburg State University in Maryland has offered “The Science of Harry Potter.”

Now, Michigan State University is offering a new course called  “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior.”

Students are put in survivor groups and will undergo simulated catastrophic events.

The instructor says this is a class about human behavior, since the students are learning to survive.

Class starts this May.

Now, why didn’t I have a class like this in college!

  • Raymond

    NOTE TO SELF: Subject Line: “How To Kill A Zombie(s).” (1) Get Gun and/or Rifle. Shoot Zombie(s) In The Head. (2) Get “Louisville Slugger” (aka Baseball Bat). Bash Zombie(s) In The Head. (3) Get Axe. Chop Off Head of Zombie(s). After Decapication, Slice & Dice Skull Of Zombie(s). (4) Get Explosive Device (Hand Grenade, Dynamite, Small Barbeque Propane Tank, etc.). Blow Up Zombie(s). Consult Book, “How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse” for further information.

  • histokatie

    I have a feeling that this will be the first class to fill up on registration day 1

    • Raymond

      Personally, I’d love to be attending myself! I think that it would be Great.

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