Today, bundle up and lower the thermostat in your house by 2 degrees in support of International Polar Bear Day.  If you can, visit the Detroit Zoo’s Arctic Ring of Life, the polar bear exhibit, where discussions about how energy conservation impacts survival of the polar bears.

In the wild, polar bears live in Alaska, Russia, Greenland, Norway and Canada – the circumpolar north. Polar bears are at the top of the arctic food chain.Their favorite foods include seal blubber and beached whales.

They face threats though; the shrinking sea from global warming is the biggest one. They need the ice to hunt seals from openings called leads. However, we don’t have to be scientists to ease the impact of global warming; here’s what you and your family can do:

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, switch off the light when you leave a room, take short showers, and plug electronics into a power strip and flip off the strip when the gadgets aren’t being used. And, keep the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, not just for today, but all of winter, and feel good about doing your part for the bears!

Content provided by Oakland University


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