Charlie talked with Brandon Jessup. Jessup recently led the petition drive to repeal the emergency manager law in the state of Michigan. His drive led to over 200,000 signatures, 50 boxes worth of signatures. If the signatures are valid, the law will be suspended and it will be up for popular vote in November.

Jessup believes that the EFM law is bad policy. He said Lansing should be helping cities and districts by working with elected officials and unions, not throwing them out. He believes that Lansing’s attempts to keep the EFM’s work out of the public eye despite a judge’s ruling is proof that this law is bad policy. He’s not against someone coming in and helping when a city or district is in deep trouble, but he said anything done must be transparent and open.

Charlie believes that putting the EFM law on the November ballot will help Democrats as it will fire up union members to get to the polls to vote against this bill and vote for Obama.

Jessup: Interview


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