‘Thumbs Up’ As Quicken Loans Pulls Ads From Limbaugh Show

DETROIT (WWJ) – Seventeen hundred ‘thumbs up’ and counting on Facebook for Quicken Loans decision to pull their advertising from the Rush Limbaugh radio talk show.

Quicken Loans is joining the growing group of businesses that have pulled ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.

WWJ’s Violet Ikonomova reports that two days after Limbaugh called a law student, Sandra Fluke, a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her testimony to Congress about the need for greater access to contraceptive coverage – Quicken Loans posted a Facebook status that has been getting a lot of attention.

It said it would suspend all advertising on Limbaugh’s radio show.

The move has received an upwards of 1,700 “likes” and more than a thousand comments.

Most people are praising the move, but there are a few who oppose the move saying that the talk show host’s comments were appropriate.

Several women commented that they’re ‘women for Rush’ and one even says Quicken has lost her as a customer.

  • Rush to Judgement

    And the judgement is Limbaugh is showing more signs of rational distress as his voice for the top 1% continues to divide and separate this country. It would be more entertaining to hear a united opinion coming from this country.

    I am fed up and embarrassed by the aggression and anger citizens of the USA exercise upon each other.

  • BryanKc

    I’m glad Quicken Loans has pulled their ads and I hope Lending Tree will do the same. They are the most deceptive companies. If their not harassing people wth the telemarketing schemes, they forcing their loans down the throats of people who cannot afford them over the air wavies. It will be refreshing to hear the show without their deceptive advertisiments.

  • Thumbs Down on Quicken Loans

    I have had a Quicken Loan in the past, but NEVER again. First of all, contraception does NOT need to cost more than a tiny fraction of $1000 per year. Use WalMart to get it for $4 per month. Second, I see NO reason why I should pay any fraction of anyone else’s contraceptive cost, so that they can have a daily romp in their bedroom. Why does Sandra Fluke expect ANY payment of her contraceptive cost by anyone but herself and her sex partners? How would you define a person who insists on daily unmarried sex paid for by someone else? Use a dictionary. Look up Bill O’Reillly’s Talking Points memo from March 2, 2012 for an accurate reading on this situation. Rush Limbaugh might have used a less colorful term, but he was not inaccurate. Two thumbs down on Quicken Loans. They have lost me as a customer forever.

    • Michael

      I doubt seriously if you have ever had any business with Quicken. And, there is no medical procedure or medication worth half of what’s being charged by the privately own medical giants.O’Reilly and Limbaugh are venomous provocateurs who use sensationalism and nationalism to lie and whip up the ignorant and you just happen to be one of the ignorant many they appeal to. Sad, mean, selfish ner-do-wells who feel the need to live under a corporate state totalitarian regime. Move to China.

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  • Michael

    Limbaugh is a worm and, anything that spews out of his oral groove is either offensive, wrong, or just plain weasel words. The fact that he appeals to anyone is disturbing to say the least.

  • ace

    rush was wrong. birth control pill , walmart $5 month for 3 year = $180

    condoms $,75 each for three years = $2820

    that means one bc pill a day and sex 2.575 times a day ever day for three years

    is $3000 a year, just means she “s
    the aveage girl / woman next door

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