Being a good writer will enhance your college-bound children with their learning.  In addition to reading, writing is an academic skill that will benefit them when it’s time to write lab reports, term papers, essays, research papers, journal entries and compositions.

Here’s a four-step process that explains how to achieve a well-written document. Begin with prewriting. This first step involves prep work like collecting ideas, supporting details and organizing the material.

The second step is the actual writing. Here, they transfer the raw material into a meaningful document. This step is also called drafting. As they write, their minds will rehearse the ideas they want to express, and they might discover they have to collect more data and reorganize what they have.

In step 3, they revise their writing to ensure that it says what they really want it to. In the final phase, called editing, they proofread their work, looking for grammar and spelling errors. This is the last time they have to evaluate their document.

Know that using this 4-step process also will help your children advance in their careers long after they’ve written their last term paper!

Content provided by Oakland University


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