A sea of gold was seen in the stands of the Detroit Pistons home game Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers, with an estimated 60 percent of the fans in the audience rooting for the Lakers.

Who are these people? was the question asked on the Valenti & Foster show.

“(Fans) had to be a little upset stomach-wise, just really, really upset with all that gold,” Mike Valenti said. “It’s tough.”

Caller Steve said there were more Lakers fans there than was even estimated.

“I was in the game … It was like 70/30, not 60/40, it was yellow everywhere, it was crazy,” Steve said. “I was befuddled. It was one thing watching the Pistons play, they missed about 30 shots. It was like ‘Where am I?’ It was crazy.”

“There are no L.A transplants here…Who are these people?” a host asked.

The Pistons pulled out an overtime victory, 88-85, over the Lakers, but unfortunately for the home team, that wasn’t necessarily good news to the people in the stands.

Ned called in to say, “I was at the game and we got it on with the Lakers fans … I agree with Mike (Valenti), we should have limited seats for the other team, it was too much. I don’t know where the pride for the Detroit Pistons went last night.

“I’m a Detroiter, I support our team.”

“There is no loyalty, and neither Mike or I said that stadium should be full. If they put a bad product out on the floor our fans don’t show up,” Terry Foster said. “If your team is putting a bad product out there, you don’t have to show up.”

So, should Lakers fans stay home in Detroit? Let us know in the comments section below.


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