ROCHESTER HILLS (WWJ) – An autopsy shows a jogger found dead in a park bathroom died of heart failure.

Oakland County Sheriff’s detectives said, according to relatives, the 62-year-old Shelby Twp. man has been training for the Boston Marathon. He was wearing a jogging suit when he died.

The man’s body was discovered by Rochester Hills city employees Wednesday at Veterans Memorial Park. Sheriffs’ officials say the workers had to break into the locked restroom to find him.

The Oakland County Medical Examiner found the man had a family history of heart disease.

His name was not immediately released.

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  1. bumpkin says:

    Pretty darned sad that when you are doing something to improve your health it kills you. I feel sad for his people. It must have been very scary for him to feel so unwell that he had to take shelter, scared enough that he locked the door, thinking he was going to be ill, wanting the privacy we all desire when we do not feel well, then there was nobody available to help him in his final moments. Be aware that one of the possible signs or symptoms of a heart attack (MI) can be the urge to have a BM. That is a “vaso-vagal” response. So, if you get that feeling especially if you are exercising at the time, and it is not “usual” for you,for that time of day, don’t lock yourself away. Never be afraid to tell someone “I am not feeling well, and I am not so sure something isn’t wrong. IF I go into your bathroom, and don’t come out in 5 minutes, please check on me” They may laugh, or even say something crude, but chances are they will still check on you. That embarrassing risk is a far safer one than the risk of having an MI while locked in a bathroom!

  2. Dale says:

    Good advice, Bumpkin. It’s common for someone having a heart problem to leave the room, thereby isolating themselves for those who could help.

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