DETROIT (WWJ) – A new statewide system of schools has announced a list of buildings which will open under its authority this September.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports that the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan is starting with 15 Detroit schools which are among the lowest achieving in the state.

Chancellor John Covington describes the EAA of Michigan as, “A different system for a different outcome. It is our goal to create a new model for education within the state of Michigan.”

Students in the new school system will have an eight-hour school day and a 210 day school year as well as  an individualized lesson plan.

Covington tells WWJ that he understands that parents will have questions about the new school system.

“What will happen to my children during the summer, now they are in school, instead of being on the street, as result of us going to a 210 day school year. All of these initiatives is going to make it better,” said Covington.

Covington says kids that attend these (15 schools on the list) will automatically be part of the new system.

“We’re going to be hitting the road very quickly, with several parent groups, meetings for them – so that we can clarify what EEA is and what it means for your child, what kind of curriculum will we offer,” said Covington.

The nine elementary/middle schools that will be part of EAA are:

1. Brenda Scott Elementary/Middle
2. Burns Elementary/Middle
3. Law Academy
4. Mary M. Bethune Elementary/Middle
5. Murphy Elementary/Middle
6. Nolan Elementary/Middle
7. Phoenix Elementary/Middle
8. Stewart Elementary/Middle
9. Trix Elementary/Middle

The six high schools are:

1. Central Collegiate Academy
2. Denby High School
3. Ford High School
4. Mumford High School
5. Pershing High School
6. Southeastern High School

Families will have the choice to transfer to a different school if they so desire and have complete information on the options available to them.

Students from other schools may also enroll in EAA schools if they desire to be a part of the new education model.

Covington says a full schedule of meetings is planned to assure that parents are fully informed about all the options available for their children.

Parents will receive a special package in the mail in a few days with meeting dates and times.

In addition, parents can call the EAA Parent Information line at 313-456-2278.

Comments (4)
  1. Sheila Jackson says:

    Parents keep your children a part of DPS. Do not send your children to these schools.

  2. L. Johnson says:

    This is very sad day in Detroit but we all knew it was coming. How can the teachers teach when there are so many problems with the kids and schools of DPS. My own kids went to DPS in elementary school but after that I took them out because I wanted them to get a quality education and the local option was flawed. I tried DPS once more when one of my kids was in the eighth grade and it was horrible she did not get homework ever and she could not bring home books to study out of. Of course she received all A’s because everything they taught she had learned the year before at the charter school. Both of my kids graduated form a nationally known charter school and one has graduated from Michigan State and the other is about to graduated from community college. Being a DPS graduated myself—I did what was best for my children and they are in a better position because of that decision.

  3. Jon says:

    Thanks Tim for helping our brand grow in PA. The event was a huge sscecus! Check out the blog for my synopsis. The minute we can add another player to our team you are the man. Keep playing and say hi to Sean for us.Mondo

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