If you’re someone who sits for hours at a time, how do you feel when you finally stand-up? Aches? Pain? Well, there is a way to curb those side effects with some easy, at-work exercises that could qualify as a mini cardio workout.

Exercise Physiologist Kelli Calabrese of the American Council on Exercise, reminds us that whether it’s one minute or 10 – getting your heart pumped up can lead to longer life.

Some suggested exercises include jumping jacks. Or, a lower-impact work-out could involve touching your toes — first with the right hand to your left toes, then left hand to your right toes.

Marching or running in place for about 60 seconds will get your heart rate up as will hopping from one foot to the other. And, if you have a place to do so, why not keep a jump rope in your desk drawer for use during daily breaks.

Other recommendations for a quick work-out: Shadow-boxing and brisk walking.

For more tips to help you stay in shape, visit this link.


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