Detroit-based JEMS Technology LLC said it has been selected by the Detroit-based United Health Organization to supply video-to-handheld technology for its Project Healthy Living.

Physicians and other medical volunteers at Project Healthy Living will use JEMS to connect participants in need of specialized medical attention to off-site physicians for consultation and treatment recommendations.   “JEMS’ video to smart device technology bridges the gap between physical location and access to expert care by allowing a doctor to broadcast video, securely, to a specialty physician that can see the patient’s condition and advise on appropriate care,” said Kevin Lasser, CEO of JEMS Technology.  “Project Healthy Living presents the perfect opportunity to show what JEMS Technology can do; we are thrilled that our technology has the potential to help thousands access the specialized care they need.”   Project Healthy Living is a free and low cost health screening initiative that serves more than 10,000 people annually. It will be held in 45 locations in southeast Michigan this year.   Participating health care professionals on-site will use JEMS’ technology to send live streaming video to a specialty physician via a JEMS mobile unit.  The specialist will be able to review the video on their smart device in real time and respond with medical advice.   “One of our greatest requests for service among our participants is the opportunity to talk to doctors of various specialties such as dermatology, podiatry, cardiology, oncology, dental, and even general practitioners, ” said Ifetayo B. Johnson, executive director, United Health Organization.  “Many of these doctors cannot leave their practices to spend several hours at Project Healthy Living locations or are unable to travel the distance required to attend at many of our more remote sites.  JEMS’ telemedicine technology will make it possible to serve many of the participants most in need of a doctor’s consultation at the convenience of the physician.”   United Health Organization is a non-profit organization whose participants include medical volunteers and hundreds of non-profit exhibitors.   Based in Lake Orion, JEMS Technology specializes in secure, encrypted real-time video to hand held devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet. JEMS Technology targets health care, where access to remote live video can provide better health care practices. For more information, visit


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