DETROIT — Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq:CPWR) announced that it has published a new white paper titled: “How End-User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line.” The paper explores the business impact of application performance and explains why end-user experience is the ultimate measure of an application’s success that can affect an organization’s bottom line.

Applications don’t always perform optimally — especially now that they’re increasingly delivered via the cloud and accessed from a variety of devices and platforms. Worse yet, the majority of problems go undetected until end users complain. The result is a major hit to productivity, customer loyalty and the bottom line.

This white paper outlines why applications often perform poorly and need to operate at peak performance; how successful companies manage their applications; and how organizations can ensure optimal application performance by using an application performance management solution that monitors the entire application delivery chain.

To download the white paper, click here.

The Compuware Gomez platform is the industry’s leading system for optimizing the performance of Web, non-Web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Driven by end-user experience, Gomez provides a unified view across the entire application delivery chain, from a user’s browser or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, in the cloud, to inside the data center, eliminating blind spots from the First Mile to the Last Mile.

  1. Alejandrita says:

    While I love his commitment to alhethy diet and raw eating and I am totally don for a food revolution, there are a few health misnomers that need to be corrected. I want to preface my statement by saying that I think it’s really important to correct these misnomers about nutrition because there are a lot of people who are trying to regain their health and find these extreme diets of raw food attractive psychologically because they are such a radical departure from what they’ve known about food preparation and I understand that. Plus, so many raw food advocates, like Sally, look so health and thusly give the diet a lot of appeal. I mean look at that fine brotha and his glowing skin. Right? Everyone has different nutritional needs for their body types and with so many African American women being anemic I would hate for someone to not do their homework. We can ALL benefit from eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts. The average American diet is a virtual commode of nutrition. Just do your homeworkThe first issue is that although gorillas do eat a primarily vegetarian diet, it is not true that they do not eat animal protein. In fact they consume a hefty portion of protein in the form of insects, insect larvae, worms, beetles. This comes not only from these bugs not only foraging on the vegetables that gorillas eat, but also from the gorillas seeking out these insects to supplement their diet. A typical gorilla eats about 90 pounds of raw food a day, so you can imagine the amount of bugs that get consumed on their produce . Since we tend to wash most of bugs from our produce and most westerners do not eat bugs as a primary source of protein, the gorilla argument becomes fallacious when inspected more closely. The other issue is the purity of raw food diets versus other forms of food preparation. This also couldn’t be further from the truth. Although eating more fruits and vegetables is certainly good for anyone, many vegetables and fruits only release their nutritional benefits when they are heated like tomatoes for examples. They only release lycopene when they are stewed. I could go on with a fairly extensive list of foods that require heat, but for the sake of brevity I’ll leave it to the reader to do that research. The truth is a vegan/vegetarian diet can really make you sick. Many vegetarians are anemic and have chronically low vitamin b-12 in their bodies. Humans cannot manufacture b-12, neither can gorillas, and that is why we have to eat some form of animal protein to get it. In particular when you visit countries that have large populations of people vegetarian diets, like India, people there still consume copious amounts of raw, unpasteurized butter, cheese, whey and milk as part of their vegetarian diet. They are not consuming animal flesh per se, but they are getting their b-12 from animal sources. Whey is one of the most nutritional sources of protein known. That’s why body builders eat copious amounts of whey to build muscle rapidly and athletes suck down protein shakes for muscles recovery AND why people who are intensively sick (cancer patients) are put on elemental diets inclusive of whey to get maximum nutrition. Also, many vegetarians will tell you that they feel spiritually enlightened from switching to a vegetarian diet. But in fact, most of that sense of a high is a zinc deficiency caused by the increase in whole grains in their diet which have high amounts of phytic acid which robs the body of essential minerals like magnesium and calcium which are the power minerals of the body. This is why in so many traditional cultures that eat whole grains, the grains are fermented and sprouted to reduce the phytic acid and hence boosting their nutritional profile for consumption. Lastly, the whole argument about if you love animals you would not eat them argument simply does not hold any water. Most species in the world eat some form of flesh for protein from the simplest wasp to the mighty Orca. There is a reason why it’s called the circle of life. For religions that don’t practice flesh consumption, many of them are still getting some form of animal protein from other sources; cheese, milk, even eggs! People may for their own spiritual development find it distasteful to consume animal flesh, but they need to reconcile how to counter basic biology with their spiritual concerns, or they will find their own flesh quickly decaying from their ignorance. There is a reason why so many cultures have rituals around giving thanks for the bounty of things to eat on this planet. Life is a beautiful struggle, full of contradictions and complexities which seem to be irreconcilable. Why would we have to commit the violence of killing to optimize our nutrition? Hmmmm. That is a conversation with God. But until then, please research all of the facts about switching to a vegan/vegetarian diet before starting one.To your health,Malaika

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