By i) Pat Caputo

Given Louisville’s reputation for run and gun, full-court pressing basketball, the major surprise is the Cardinals beat Michigan State at the Spartans’ own style.

Louisville was better in the half court. The Cardinals were just a little stronger and tougher and better overall.

And just like that, the Spartans were eliminated from the NCAA tournament because of a 57-44 loss in the Sweet 16.

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Comments (4)
  1. Dave says:

    Pat, What about the loss of Dawson? Startans excelled in overcomming such a big loss to win the big 10 tour. and winning 2 games in the NCAA tour. Not bad for a team no one had in the top 25 four months ago.

  2. Don says:

    Pat. I’m a long time fan of yours and listen often, but I have to say I am disappointed and annoyed at your aggressive anti Sparty sentiment in recent weeks. I get that the S stands for straight down the middle for you, and I also agree with your point about Spartans being overrated and underachieving this year. Both are true statements, so I agree with you. However, as a fiercely loyal Spartan, I don’t like listening to the anti-Sparty, negative rhetoric. Dare I say? You are coming across like a Walmart Wolverine with all the MSU hate lately!

  3. RoadsMSU says:

    Overrated? A team coming in unranked in a “rebuilding” year won a share of the Big Ten and won the Big Ten tourney to get a No. 1 seed, this team overachieved all season long and came up short in the sweet 16. Louisville now in the final four is a good team. Spartans had a great season and were not overrated at all.

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