By: Theron Dahlerup

We played “Name That Game” on the Stoney and Bill show this morning for MLB The Show 12. After pulling the audio clips from all of the video games, I wanted to make my Top 10 list of the best video game songs and find out if you agreed or disagreed. Let me know in the comment section below. OK, first off just a few rules I went by while I made my selections: #1: I only selected games that were in the 64 bit era or earlier, #2: I only selected 1 song per game franchise, and with that let’s get into the list!

#10 – Contra

I loved Contra, It was by far one of my favorite games growing up. The theme for the jungle level is pretty badass but so was the cheat code. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!

#9 – Sonic The Hedgehog

When the Blue Hedgehog spun jumped into the mix in 1991 I was pumped. I think my love for this game came from 2 things, the 1st being that I got the game when my parents bought me the Genesis and it was the only 1 I had for over a month and the 2nd was the fact that the theme song rocked!

#8 – Excitebike

I really don’t have a great reason to convince anyone why this should be on the list but I know the theme is built into my mind just like my favorite custom built track… Now I know why it’s stuck in my head… I spent so much time building those dumb tracks!

#7 – Blades of Steel

Blades of Steel’s theme kicked ass in the major degree. It also had some kick ass SFX’s for the fights as well.

#6 – Super Mario Bros.

Now a lot of people may scream blasphemy right now because I have this theme so low. Well screw that. Yes it is the most recognizable theme song in video game history but I’m just sick of hearing it. Plus I think Mario is kind of DB! Long Live Luigi!

#5 – Tecmo Super Bowl

The theme for Super Bowl blew its predecessor away! The great music during the game while you were busting Barry Sanders on a 98 yard Zig Zag run was epic and you know it!

#4 – Mike Tyson’s Punchout

What I loved about Punchout was…. EVERYTHING. The music for each fight fit so well you almost got lost in it. And I swear the music that plays during the fight with Great Tiger would hypnotize me! I lost to him so much for no damn reason.

#3 – The Legend of Zelda

RPG music will always rank among the best for me. Not only does it sound great but it adds so much depth to the story arc that you can’t help but love them. Legend of Zelda hit a home run with the Overworld music. God, just hearing this song takes me back to being a little kid and sitting on my parent’s dresser playing Zelda on the smallest TV that was ever created. Even at a young age my parents tried to stop my obsession with video games with that small TV.

#2 – Mega Man 2

I know most people out there are saying WTF right now with my selection of 2 over 3. Now listen, I love 3 like everyone else but 2 holds a special place in my heart. It was the 1st game that I finished by myself. That’s right I beat the hell out of Airman, Metalman, Woodman, Bubbleman, Flashman, Heatman, Quickman and Crashman… And I loved every single minute of it!

#1 – Final Fantasy VII

I was shocked that I didn’t have Mega Man number 1 but I could not forget the game/song/characters/experience that took me from a casual gamer to a full fledged nerd and that was Final Fantasy VII. It was the 1st and last game that has ever made me cry. I know that may sound a little girly but I will challenge anyone who was invested in that game that didn’t well up when Aerith was killed. It has been called the most shocking moment in video game history. Square didn’t do me any favors as I tried to hold back some more tears when they played this music while Aerith was sinking in the water. Damn you Square Enix… Damn you!

Comments (7)
  1. Groovyreg says:

    GLaDOS – Still Alive from Portal

    1. Nick says:

      Whoops thought it would embed it, either way, Duke Nukem 3D theme.

  2. matt says:

    ducktales moon theme

  3. Steve says:

    Can you post the sound footage from the contest this morning

  4. Sulejów says:

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