Hollis Tweet Example Of Michigan State’s Paranoia About Michigan Basketball

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis was wrong for tweeting advice to Michigan point guard Trey Burke about whether he should stay in school or declare for the NBA Draft. Michigan athletic director David Brandon was correct to call Hollis out quickly about the tweet, doing so respectfully.

Hollis’ tweet to Burke points out the paranoia the so-called Spartan nation has about Michigan basketball.

It’s amazing, since the end of the season, in the collective mind of the Spartans, how Burke went from an overrated college player to a viable NBA prospect as a 5-11 point guard after just one year of college basketball.

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  • Cory

    Come on Pat! It was advice from a man to a man so to speak. Has nothing to do with MSU – UofM. It was good advice too….just another annoying rant by you.

  • Rick

    Yes, Spartan nation is so scared of U of M basketball? Please give me a break. A guy can’t be nice without having a hidden agenda? Pat you the one that’s scared of U of M basketball. Scared that they won’t ever be as good as Sparty!

  • William

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. And god d@mn you are fat.

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