By Matt Dery

1. How can you cheer for Ohio State? Yes the Buckeyes are the lone Big Ten team remaining, but please, can you really muster up positive energy for the likes of Jared Sullinger and Aaron Craft. Nothing against those two and their skills, but they should annoy UM and MSU fans. Craft acts like he has never committed a foul and Sullinger flexes during games after he scores over a smaller guard.

2. Kansas coach Bill Self is thee most likeable of the four bench bosses remaining. Self has that southern charm and really respects his roots. He does not have a single McDonalds All- American on his roster and has done a masterful job with his team this season. He doesn’t want attention, nor does he ham it up for the camera.

3. John Calipari. Reason #3 why you should root for Kansas this weekend. Here is a guy you can eliminate right away from your “rooting pool”. Coach Cal has a ton of talent, yet always seems to fail in the biggest spots. There is an arrogance about him and nobody thinks he runs a clean program; not even some Kentucky fans.

4. Andrea Hudy. Who is she? How about the Kansas basketball Strength and Conditioning coach. A woman in that spot and she is doing a great job. Just look at Jeff Withey and how much better and bigger he has gotten since he arrived at KU. Hudy is a legend and helped UCONN win a national title back in 2004. Former greats with the Huskies like Ben Gordon swear by her.

5. Do you really want Louisville to win it all? I like the Cardinals and they play team ball and are well-coached, but there is something missing there. MSU fans (I guess) would feel better about losing to the eventual National Champion, but I just don’t see it. Rick Pitino is also a bit cocky and “hollywood” as well.

Go Jayhawks!

Comments (2)
  1. gogreen says:

    You left off the #1 reason to cheer for Kansas….@KUBOOBS

  2. rockchalk says:

    As a lifelong KU fan, I think this year my biggest reason for rooting for Kansas is Thomas Robinson.

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