Planned Parenthood Brings First Clinic To Oakland County

FERNDALE (WWJ) – It’s one for the record books: Next Monday, Ferndale will become home to the newest Planned Parenthood clinic — the first of its kind in Oakland County.

The clinic is scheduled to open at 9 a.m. on April 2nd. It will not offer abortions, but will offer services for the specific needs of the area’s population.

Desiree Cooper, a spokeswoman for the local Planned Parenthood, said the area has longed for a clinic for quite some time. “We’ve found grave need in Oakland County,” she said. “There’s many pockets that have been suffering a really long time.”

While this is the area’s first Planned Parenthood, the organization doesn’t plan to stop adding more. They originally purchased a building in Auburn Hills in 2010, but were met with anti-abortion oppositions that led to legal trouble.

Cooper said it’s just a matter of time before they can continue. “We just have to wait for the legal process to lend its way before we can go forward,” she said.

Monica Migliorino Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society is a part of the opposition who is unhappy about the opening of the new clinic. “It’s distressing when they open anywhere,” she told the Detroit Free Press. Miller plans to picket the clinic upon its opening.

Oakland County Commissioner Craig Covey, the former Ferndale mayor, supported the move, writing, “We are thankful that an organization like Planned Parenthood provides health care for so many people.  The alternative is much higher health costs in emergency rooms and for advanced disease that would be borne by us all.”

Covey was quoted on the “National Right To Life News Today” website and posted the story on his Facebook page, writing, “Always a little scary, but fun, to get into a national right wing publication.”

  • Bob

    Good news for Oakland County,much needed medical assistance for the people.

  • NAH

    Kinda surprising how there has yet to be one in Oakland County. There are ones near MSU and WMU, but none in Oakland yet??? Oakland has so many people and especially so many young females that I would have expected a Planned Parenthood before now. I guess you never notice it when you lived there up until you were 18 and then go to college at MSU. Who knew?

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