Comedians Wanted For Annual ‘Bailout Improv Tournament Spectacular’

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sandramcneill Sandra McNeill
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FERNDALE (WWJ) - If you have a talent for making people laugh, a local comedy theater is offering you the chance to turn your jokes into cash.

Ferndale-based GoComedy! Improv Theater is staging its third annual “Bailout Improv Tournament Spectacular.” Producer PJ Jacokes said they need enough people to fill out sixteen teams that will compete head to head each week in front of an audience.

“Everyone can do improv. We do it every day, you know, it’s like make-believe that we do when we’re kids. Except now, we do it on a stage instead on in a sandbox,” Jacokes told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

Each Wednesday in the competition, two teams battle it out and the audience decides which team moves on to the next round.

Jacokes said it helps if you have a background in improv, stand up or theater, but everyone can do it. The tournament winner gets their own 8-week run of shows, plus a $1,002 prize.

“It’s the biggest prize in Michigan improv history. That’s why we keep adding a dollar every year so it’s always the biggest prize,” said Jacokes.

Interested participants have to apply by April 11. Get more details at www.gocomedy.net.

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