By: Evan Jankens

Well, when I say the Lions have a new uniform, I mean there is now a Nike Swoosh on the sleeve instead of a Reebok logo — That’s right, Nike has taken over the uniform game in the NFL. All teams this year will now wear Nike uniforms. I know I am a Nike fan and have never really been a fan of anything else. I know back in 2000 when MSU switched their uniforms to Reebok I was upset; now they are back to Nike, so someone must have gotten the picture.

The NFL announced that there wouldn’t be many updates to the uniforms this year besides the material the jerseys are made of. Now they will have the same material as the Pro Combat uniforms that select college teams wear for one game during the season. I’m sure most of you can remember when MSU wore their Pro Combats against Michigan, which donned the black jerseys and gold helmets. Now I’m not saying that the NFL is going to go this route but is that something you would buy? An alternate Lions jersey? And, no, I’m not talking about a black Lions uniform. We all know how well those did. People bought them and then they were non existent three years later. Imagine the possibilities Nike could do with the Lions uniform.

Let us know if you will now buy more NFL products because they now have the Swoosh? I know I am going to buy a T-shirt that features “Lions Just Do It” for $35. All the new Nike products can be purchased through The new Nike uniforms aren’t available on the website until 4/15/12.

There has been a photo of the Lions gloves that was tweeted out which you can see HERE

Nike has announced that they will call their under garments for this upcoming season the Nike Elite 51. The Elite 51 is Hypercool. Hyperwarm. Hyperstrong. These garments are to keep the jersey keeps form wet or dry.

The only new jersey that was released today so far was the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carrolljust tweeted a photo of it.

petecarroll Nike Unveils New Lions Uniform

Nike states that the new jerseys are 20% lighter and 50% stronger.

Darren Rovel of NBC just tweeted out the photo of the Lions new uniform

Nike just tweeted out a photo of all 32 NFL teams


For all the photos of the Lions new Nike Uniforms click HERE

nikejersey Nike Unveils New Lions Uniform

Comments (2)
  1. Steve says:

    Black and Gold?


    Listen to your radio hosts!

  2. Laura says:

    This is such BS! Nike has their swoosh plastered all over the uniform, including on the soles of the shoes! Everybody knows who supplies the uniforms, but do they have to become a walking advertizement for Nike. The Nike logo on these uniforms has just as much prominence as the team logo. Hey, I got an idea, how about having the players walk around with sandwich signs when they are on the sidelines? If the franchise is intent with going down this path, why no go all the way like they do in NASCAR and have corporate logos plastered all over the uniforms and then you can make big wads of money selling out the prestige of the sport.

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