SOUTHFIELD — It may sound like something from a science fiction movie preview, but there’s nothing fictional about this — three-dimensional models are coming to a computer near you, brought to you by USCAR’s Electrical Wiring Component Application Partnership.

EWCAP, whose members include Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors at the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC, is rolling out new 3D digital models of its shared connector designs.

The 3D models will be faster to use due to the electronic importing process and will allow for the error-free transfer of data, as electronic data can instantly be imported directly into a design. Previously, designers would generate two-dimensional print specifications and manually enter data which occasionally lent itself to human error.

“Experience with the new 3D models has so far demonstrated design errors are virtually eliminated,” said Don Price, Ford representative to EWCAP. “We feel we’ve achieved somewhat of a trifecta with these models; not only are they more accurate, they’re faster and cost effective too.”

The new 3-D specifications follow the international Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data per ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 10303 and are compatible with major design software.

EWCAP provides the link between connector and electrical device manufacturers to assure the parts are interchangeable; there are 123 connector designs in the EWCAP catalog. When completed, each connector will have a corresponding 3-D model available which will be placed alongside the existing 2-D data on the EWCAP Web page at

Currently, about one third of the EWCAP specifications are available in the 3-D model format with the remaining models anticipated by August. Smaller, more popular designs such as the .64 millimeter and 1.5 millimeter terminal sizes will be available first. Other models will be posted as soon as they are available.

Founded in 1992, USCAR is the collaborative automotive technology company for Chrysler, Ford and GM. The goal of USCAR is to further strengthen the technology base of the domestic auto industry through cooperative research and development. For more information, visit

  1. Jim Head says:

    Wow. 3-D models.
    USCAR is finally moving up to the 1990s.
    They must have misplaced their sliderules and were forced to by them new-fangled transistorized calculating gadgets.

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