By i) Pat Caputo

1. Mikel Leshoure
2. Nick Fairley
3. Derrick Nix
Young athletes using pot does compromise the integrity of sports. And that, in my opinion, would be true if marijuana were legal, too.

Comments (4)
  1. Aaron says:

    So do young athletes using alcohol compromise the integrity of sports?

  2. Wayne says:

    Caputo needs to retire already.

  3. mike says:

    still waiting on those reasons, Pat. Just listing names doesn’t make for a very strong argument.

  4. Rich C says:

    One of the weakest arguments I’ve heard on any topic. You might as well say that young athletes drinking Gatorade compromises the integrity of sports. And what does “compromise the integrity of sports” really mean anyway? Certainly smoking pot while you’re not actively playing a sport is less of a compromise to the integrity of the sport than something like the DH rule in baseball, or intentional fouls at the end of a basketball game, or rules that penalize anyone who dares touch the QB in football. No, if you want to claim pot shouldn’t be legalized, you’ll have to explain to me why it’s better to send the money out of country to a violent drug lord than to keep it in-house where it generates tax revenue. BTW, I don’t even smoke the stuff, and wouldn’t even if it were legal. I just think it’s idiotic to keep fighting the inevitable.

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