ANN ARBOR — ForeSee President and CEO Larry Freed announced an unprecedented new mobile measurement technology Monday at the Mobile Shopping Spring Conference in San Diego during his general session address.

ForeSee was the first company to develop technology to measure the customer experience of a random, but representative sample of visitors to mobile optimized sites and mobile apps across all leading mobile platforms. ForeSee has now released technology that enables mobile sites and apps to understand how customers think, feel, and act after they finish interacting with a mobile site or app.

ForeSee’s mobile solution, first beta tested in early 2010 and formally made available to all clients in early 2011, is built upon a scientific and predictive methodology that quantifies how the customer experience impacts loyalty and future purchases across channels. ForeSee’s technology enables the collection of customer experience data from mobile users, and transforms that data into actionable customer intelligence that clients use to help measure success, direct investment and improvement efforts.

ForeSee research shows that a highly satisfied mobile shopper reports being 34 percent more committed to the brand, 30 percent more likely to purchase offline, 35 percent more likely to recommend, and 32 percent more satisfied with the retailer overall. This research quantifies the critical impact that mobile experiences have on the bottom line of any company, but especially for retailers where mobile can be a revenue stream as well as a critical customer touch point within the customer buying lifecycle.

“Our clients realize they have to measure the customer experience in the mobile environment just as they do in any other channel,” Freed said. “Scientific customer satisfaction analytics are the only credible, reliable, predictive metrics that business leaders have to help them manage their business into the future. Running any customer touch point—whether it’s web,mobile, or contact centers — without understanding how it meets the needs and expectations of your customers is like shooting in the dark. You may or may not hit your target, but you’ll never know if you did or why you didn’t.”

“Our new on-exit survey capability will allow our clients to measure the entire mobile experience and what people do after they leave it,” said Eric Feinberg, ForeSee’s senior director of mobile who will be co-presenting at the conference. “We can find out not only whether the mobile experience met their needs, but whether they went on to buy from another channel, from a competitor, or whether they did something else entirely. This kind of data and analysis will bring tremendous depth and dimension to understanding the mobile customer experience across all channels.”

ForeSee’s mobile enhancements are the latest in a string of technology-driven innovations that the company has developed in order to increase value and utility to organizations in the private and public sectors. The addition of mobile measurement to existing customer satisfaction analytics in other channels allows ForeSee to link customer satisfaction scores and impacts across customer touch points.

ForeSee is measuring the mobile experience for a host of organizations across the public and private sector including ABC, ESPN, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), RIM/Blackberry, and StubHub, among many others.

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