By: Bob Wojnowski

It’s easy to be all law-and-orderly and make this declaration to NFL prospects: Sit or get off the pot.

But it can’t be that easy for the Lions and Martin Mayhew in this draft. The proliferation of positive marijuana tests for prospective draftees complicates things for a lot of NFL teams. The Lions might face one of the trickier choices because three of their possible targets — Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick, North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins and Ohio State OT Mike Adams — had some brushes with pot.

Jenkins is the lightning rod in the draft because he was booted out for Florida following two marijuana-related arrests, and yet he’s one of the most-talented cornerbacks, a position of gigantic need for the Lions. And by “gigantic,” I mean “humongous.”

Listen. It’s easy for me to tell Mayhew to make the risky leap and grab Jenkins at No. 23. And if the other top corners are gone, that’s exactly what I’d do. Or I’d certainly explore trading up for someone like South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore.

I know lots of people want a hard-and-fast rule: Sit or get off the pot. But sorry, every case has to be viewed differently because some offenses are minor, some are habitual and not all are predictors of future behavior.

For Mayhew, the recent spate of marijuana incidents involving Lions players shouldn’t affect him in the draft. Deep down, it might, because that’s how human nature works. But my philosophy is pretty basic — if you’re going to take a chance, at least take it on a talented guy at a key position.


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