There is no rule in baseball that says if you are an adult fan and you catch a ball that you have to hand it over to the nearest kid, but most people abide by that idea anyway. It seems like the right thing to do, and it keeps you from getting tongue lashed by Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay. Wednesday night at the Yankees-Rangers game, two Rangers fans (an older man and his hot young girlfriend) joyously stayed in their own little world after snagging a ball that was chucked into the stands. They didn’t notice the dad next to them holding out his son in the hopes of catching that same ball. The little fella started crying while the couple remained blissfully unaware and began a photo shoot of the hot girlfriend posing with the prize. Up in the booth, the Yankees announcers went nuts and Michael Kay reported that the heartless couple was, “rubbing it in the kid’s face!”

The story has a happy ending though, because someone from the Rangers dugout threw the teary-eyed tyke another ball. The final zing came from the Yankees announcers who stated, “Don’t worry kid, once his (the older guy who caught the ball) money is gone, so is she (the hot young girlfriend).”


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