By j) Dennis Fithian

By: Dennis Fithian

The Lions picking a wide receiver in round two of the NFL draft still doesn’t seem right.

Being able to come back and get a top 50 corner in the third round made the selection of Ryan Broyles that high in the draft a little more palatable, but just a little bit. A high pick for an injured wide last year out over corner, safety, linebacker, defensive end, interior offensive line and running back?

If Broyles turns out to be a great football player than the Lions come out looking smarter than everybody else. Hard not to look and wonder why not center Peter Konz, the next pick off the board to the Falcons, or the 49ers selection of running back Lamicheal James seven draft slots later? Even a harder sell, taking a fourth wide out, when the Lions passed on four corners before grabbing Bill Bentley in the third round.
If the Lions late picks Chris Greenwood and Jonte Green prove to be better picks than the four top corners available on the board in the second round than Martin Mayhew needs the credit.

If Broyles has the better NFL career than James and Konz that too will be noted on Mayhew’s draft resume.

It doesn’t seem right when you think of how the Lions preformed against the Packers and the Saints in the last two games of the year. How would Broyles help Detroit in those games?


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