By i) Pat Caputo

By: Pat Caputo

1. Can Bill Bentley start right away. A rookie cornerback starting immediately, especially one not selected until the third round, sounds like a recipe for disaster. Bentley, even though he is from a conference on the lower rung of Division I ladder (Louisiana Layafette in the Sun Belt Conference), hung in very tough against top competition at the Senior Bowl. He is capable of having an immediate impact.

2. Ryan Broyles eventual production. It’s unlikely to happen this year because of an injury to his ACL, but Broyles is potentially a superior slot receiver. He runs the seam route especially well, and no quarterback in football throws that particular pass better than the Lions Matthew Stafford.

3. Can the Lions later-round picks contribute on special teams. The Lions took a lot of cornerbacks and linebackers. Those positions traditionally contribute the most to special teams.


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