PLYMOUTH (WWJ) – Do you compost or recycle?

Those are some of the things people learned about at the Green Street Fair held this weekend in downtown Plymouth.

Composting is one of the recycling efforts folks learned about at the fair.

Joshua Ruben of Maxi Container in Romulus sells compost barrels.

“You’re going to take some yard waste, and your kitchen waste … like your banana peels and coffee grinds, eggs shells … and you are going to mix them up in our tumbler and give it a spin every time you add to it. In Michigan, if you have it in a sunny spot (it’ll turn to compost) in about 4-6 weeks … you’ll have good soil ready to throw into the garden,” said Ruben.

Linda Manni of Plymouth says she sees a lot of great things that are made out of recycled material.

“I just think that, it’s important that we do that … the direction of our earth and I don’t want to destroy it for the young,” said Manni.

Manni says everyone should recycle paper and plastic to save the earth.

Susan Klein of Canton told WWJ’s Beth Fisher that we have an obligation to make the environment as safe as possible.

“At the rate we are going our kids and grandkids and future generations are going to be seeing a tougher time, and we have the responsibility to make good choices,” said Klein.

One organizer at the conference noted that a lot of parents are getting ‘greening’ information from their kids.

Thousands of people made their way to the annual Green Street Fair over the weekend.


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