Rob Sanford

The Tigers closed out a brief homestand taking 2 out of 3 from the Chicago White Sox. The good news was the good starting pitching, and bad news was the continuation of a frozen solid offense. Imagine taking a series while scoring only 10 runs over the 3 game span. That’s what the Tigers “accomplished” while bats like Brennan Boesch remain cold and is now hitting 8th in the line up. Having said that there isn’t a whole lot that Jim Leland or Lloyd McClellan can do to turn things around, that’s still up to each individual.

I haven’t said much about Delmon Young’s suspension and reinstatement to team after his scuffle in New York City. Was Young wrong to yell anti-Semitic names??? Yes. Was it wrong that he was walking the streets drunk?? Yes. But if you look to athletes or movie stars to provide a roll model for your children…then that sort of thinking is wrong. It can be a “teaching” moment for your children and it’s your responsiblity as their parent to explain why these sorts of behaviors are unacceptable. There has been study after study that shows that kids are more likely to listen to their parents or a family member than friends. Young was wrong…but he’s far from being alone as other athletes in other sports making hateful remarks about African-Americans and Gays. They’re  simply a microcosm of society and shows we have a long way to go before we can all accept each other as people and not labels.




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