DETROIT (WWJ) – Bizarre new details in the disappearance of a two-year Detroit girl Bianca Jones.  The hearing, which continued on Tuesday, will eventually determine whether her father will face trial for murder.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reports that D’Andre Lane, father of missing and feared dead, Bianca Jones, was in a Detroit courtroom for a hearing to determine if he will stand trial for the murder of the 2-year old.

Lane has claimed that his daughter was kidnapped during a carjacking last December.

Officer John Quincey testified that Lane told him Jones had suffered some sort of head injury the night before she went missing from the alleged carjacking.

Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb asked Quincy about the injury in court:

“Do you remember what he said he did in order to help Bianca? With this head injury she had,” asked the prosecutor.

“The defendant stated that he was trying to keep her up by tapping her with a stick on the buttocks, to keep her up,” said Quincey.

“Did he tell you if he tried to get any medical attention – for this child?”, asked Goldfarb.

“No, he did not,” said Quincey. “No, he didn’t try,” he clarified.

The stick wrapped in tape was more than a foot and a half in length the court was told.

Lisa Dungy owned the home were Lane was staying and said she got a call from Lane claiming Bianca was taken during a carjacking.

“I heard pleading, crying –‘someone help me please … somebody took my baby’ he kept repeating it over and over. I was calling, like, “what’s wrong, what’s wrong or how can I help you?” but there was no answer,” testified Dungy.

A strange woman then came on the phone she said they took Bacon, the name Bacon, so I wasn’t familiar with that. I said, “What happened?” and she said, “No car, no bacon, I’m hanging up, I’m calling the police now,” and she hung up,” added Dungy.

The hearing will continue on Thursday in 36th District Court in Detroit.


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