DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) After yet another of Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano’s aides was charged with accepting bribes, County Commissioner Laura Cox visited the Charlie Langton 1270 Talk Radio show to say enough is enough.

Cox announced on Langton’s show she will propose an amendment to the county charter that would allow the commission to remove the county executive with a four-fifths vote. Cox wants the amendment on the ballot in November.

“The charter is silent (on removal of the executive),” Cox said, adding the grounds for a commission vote would be conviction on a felony or findings of corruption in conduct or malfeasance in office.

Five Wayne County officials have been indicted or worked out plea bargains over corruption charges in recent months.

“People around him, high-level employees are being indicted … This is absolutely a mess,” Cox said.

Ficano has said repeatedly he will not step down — and though the charges have risen to people just below his office, the executive has not been charged with a crime. The executive has said he’s disappointed at the actions of some people on his staff.

“I’ve had some continual problems with Mr. Ficano and his lack of leadership,” Cox said.

Cox, the only Republican on the heavily Democratic 14-member commission, has tried since February without success to force Ficano to resign.

“Ficano himself has made it a political issue, instead of the right thing to do,” Cox said, adding, “These are not like low-level workers … He’s got high-level appointees who are taking bribes.”

Cox is also asking the commission to issue a vote of “no confidence” in Ficano during the commission meeting Thursday, May 17.

“When I go to the store, Costco or Walgreens, I get stopped by my constituents saying, ‘atta girl, keep going, keep pushing it’ — people are frustrated,” Cox said.

Bolstering Cox’s claim, Jenny from Brownstown said, “I just wanted to comment ‘Miss Cox, please keep going,’ I live in Wayne County, it’s terrible… The corruption and the lack of accountability.”


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