GROSSE POINTE PARK (WWJ) – Some admissions Friday night in the case of murdered Jane Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park.

Her husband Bob stars in an episode of Dateline NBC, during which he admits he had an affair and says he had an understanding about it with his wife.

As for the allegations of S and M lifestyle, Bashara will only say: “I did have a relationship with one other woman.”

Bashara admits to having an affair with Rachel Gillette and he says his wife Jane knew about it.

“We had an understanding – correct – and that’s what people are going to find hard to believe; her family, her friends, but they don’t know what our relationship was about,” he said.

Bashara says the affair was no motive for murder: “Rachel had those dreams … of the white picket fence and the other person, she wanted that life, and I wasn’t able to give it to her. I didn’t leave Jane – I had no interest in leaving Jane,” Bashara added.

The interview is the first time that Bashara has publicly admitted to the affair with Gillette.

“People talk about the dark side, they don’t even know about what’s involved with that, they think of this terrible notion of … different things, but they don’t know,” said Bashara. “They don’t know what was going on and I really don’t feel like I can discuss that at this point – knowing that they may be an impending case.”

Handyman Joe Gentz has been charged with Jane’s murder. No charges have been levied against Bob Bashara.

Dateline NBC airs on WDIV TV tonight at 10 p.m.


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