By: Terry Foster

I often get my crime reports from the barber shop when I get my beard trimmed.

A gay man was beaten to a pulp on the west side of Detroit because he dressed like a woman and was trying to sell sex in the streets. One man thought he was a woman and when he realized it was a guy trying to sell sex he beat the person up.

This did not make the news and the Mayor did not comment on it.

An elderly man was shot in the stomach inside his house. It was a domestic dispute and he lived. The police Chief did not condemn the crime and there was no media coverage.
But when the Rev. Marvin Winans gets carjacked at a CITGO station on Linwood and Davison then all of a sudden Detroit has a crime problem? Are you kidding me? They found the culprits and the SUV intact. That’s great for Winans. But here is the way it usually works in Detroit. Joe Average gets carjacked and the Detroit Police Department never finds his car. And if they do find it is chopped up and sold and the poor schmuck must file an insurance claim and his already high rates skyrocket more.

Mayor Dave Bing said crime is now his top priority. Then do something about it. It is time to stop talking about it and do something about it.

Hundreds of people will be robbed and car jacked and jacked up this summer. We won’t hear the stories and the villains will never get caught.

Crime did not start with the Winans carjacking. It started years ago and it has not stopped. And it won’t stop as long as you are laying off police and not hiring more police.

Detroit needs money and help from outside sources. Until that happens the city remains helpless and hopeless.


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