LANSING (WWJ) – If you don’t usually wear your seat belt, area law enforcement may catch up with you.

The latest “Click it or Ticket” campaign kicks off Monday, with police ticketing anyone they catch unbuckled.  The goal is to increase seat belt use across the state.

“Seat belts are the main thing to keep people safe in the event of a crash,” said Anne Readett of the State Office of Highway Safety Planning. “They reduce the risk of death by about half in a crash.”

Readett said 200 people who weren’t wearing their seat belts were killed in Michigan last year.

“About half the people who died in vehicle crashes last year were unbuckled, so … we still have a long ways to go and we know we have a significant number of people who would be alive today if they’d buckled up,” she said.

Readett said young men are less likely to wear their seat belts.

A ticket will cost $65 with the enforcement period running through June 3rd.

This GM 1930’s crash video was shown at Monday’s kickoff event: 

(See more video’s by WWJ’s Ron Dewey at this link).

Get enforcement zone details and more information here.


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