DETROIT (WWJ) – In the wake of last week’s carjacking and robbery at a Citgo gas station in the Linwood and Davison area, Pastor Marvin Winans is sending a message to fathers in the city.

Winans told reporters he’s not bitter about the attack, but he said the city has to change.

“In our success, we seem to have lost our center,” Winans said in a prepared statement. “We have failed our sons, and have allowed them to have heroes that are little more than thieves and thugs. We have hidden our community collective heads in the sand and watched as our future dissipated.”

Winans is calling on the people of the city — especially the men — to work with the boys in the community.

“I wanna say that the city is fixable,” Winans said. “And it starts with the men of this city, in particular, black men. And I just want to urge all of the men that hear me, to go and get your sons. We’re able to turn it around.”

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