By Charlie Langton

MACKINAC ISLAND (Talk Radio 1270) – Gov. Rick Snyder says that although much has been accomplished during his time in office, much more needs to be done to make Michigan the economic power house of old.

Talk Radio 1270 Morning Show Host Charlie Langton spoke with Snyder at the Mackinac Policy Conference Thursday morning. Langton said Snyder had a right to brag about all of the things he’s accomplished while in office, but the governor just shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not about me, it’s about Michigan being a great state again. That’s why I wanted this job, that’s why I took this job and lets just get the job done and go,” said Snyder.

The governor, who recently returned from visiting the troops in Afghanistan, said an issue he wants to focus on is helping veterans and military members find jobs.

“I visited the 125th Infantry… and I asked the soldiers, we had a chance to talk, did a little town hall kind of environment, and I said ‘How many of you are unemployed, are looking for a job?’ And it was about a third of them,” said Snyder. “That’s not right. These people are serving our country.”

Snyder said from Mackinac, he’ll be traveling to areas of the Upper Peninsula that have been ravaged by wildfires that have burned over 20,000 acres.

“I want to go up and see the situation, make some assessment. Fortunately there’s no loss of life, but there’s been a lot of property damage. People have lost their homes, some historic lodges have been damaged, things like that, and I want to say thank you to the firefighters. Because if you think about it, that also is one of those roles where they don’t get enough thanks. That’s tough work and dangerous work,” he said.

Snyder said when it comes to the issue of dealing with Detroit, the only thing he can do is stay positive.

“We’re there to be a positive resource. And these problems go back for decades, so this isn’t a recent thing, so I appreciate the mayor and the city council taking on some of these issues because this is not a new thing, this is a 40 or 50 year issue,” said Snyder.

“But the thing is, we need action. So what I usually try to do is my normal approach, is I’m not there to run the City of Detroit. I’m there to be a supportive partner and a practical partner that wants to get involved and do things and help and then just say “Lets go, and go, and go,'” he continued.

Listen to Snyder’s full interview below:

More from Mackinac at this link


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