I guess it’s human nature. We as humans look for a simple reason or for the blame when something goes wrong. It would be nice if life or baseball could be that easy. But it isn’t. Why aren’t the Tigers hitting??? Let’s blame Lloyd McClendon the hitting coach, he must be neglecting his duties or all of a sudden lost all of his knowledge of baseball. Of course that’s ridiculous because the lack of offense isn’t because of advice or the lack of it, or manager Jim Leyland, or cold weather. Ok, wise guy….what is the reason? I have no idea but I do know it’s never just one thing or one person to blame. Before everyone heads for the exits, remember it’s still only early June.

Now that I’ve seen him in person over a fairly long span..the more I’m impressed with Prince Fielder. He’s not selfish and simply goes for home runs all time and hit .220. He goes to the opposite field and does’nt try to pull everthing. The result is the fact he’s one of the hottest hitters on the club and now his home run power is starting to show itself. Of course, he’s not exactly the picture of a Greek god but he hustles out everything. Even a routine ground ball when most major leaguers pretty  much trot to first….he’s running full out. Early returns are favorable in my book.


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