Miss Michigan Kristen Danyal says she doesn’t drink at all and a photo that seems to depict her chugging alcohol was taken as a joke.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a pic of the 21-year old Sterling Heights native at a Las Vegas nightclub in which it looks like she’s drinking Ketel One vodka straight from the bottle.

Danyal later told TMZ people tease her about not drinking and she took photo as a joke after her friends and some girls she knows from previous pageants goaded her into it.

I’m not “that kind of person,” she said, adding she was a little let down after losing the Miss USA pageant and was just trying to cheer up by goofing around a bit.

A pageant spokesperson said contestants  have to follow strict rules before and during the event, but the rules don’t apply once it’s over.

Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, won this year’s crown.


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