By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

It’s well documented that Lions QB Matt Stafford grew up and played baseball with NL CY Young winner Clayton Kershaw back in Texas. However, now we can add another MLB’er to that list, as  Stafford let on at Lions minicamp Tuesday that he remembers playing against Tigers Centerfielder Austin Jackson when he was 13 or 14 years old. “He was awesome, he was a freak, he put a couple of third basemen in the hospital” said Stafford.

The QB was obviously concerned about his teammates’ health against a dead pull hitter like Jackson armed with an aluminum bat, and admitted his team used precautions when playing Jackson’s team. “We made our guy play on the outfield grass at third base just to get him to bunt,” Stafford reminisced.

Of course, Stafford was quick to tell all that he did get Jackson out a couple times when he pitched against him saying, “I remember he popped one up about 400 feet high, so I was lucky that it didn’t go out.”

As for the other out, it was a strikeout, one K that Stafford will never forget. “I think I struck him out looking once, probably a bad call. We were probably getting our (butts) kicked so he (the ump) probably just rung him up for me. I appreciated it.”

Listen to the entire Stafford interview below to find out more about his memories of playing against Austin Jackson.


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