CALEDONIA — A new product designed to look like kittens and puppies is now available to imaging rooms across the country to help comfort children as they undergo diagnostic imaging exams.

Newmatic Medical, a company that specializes in medical imaging products and accessories, launches the new product, BravePal, this month.

The company says the increased comfort BravePal will offer pediatric patients will help doctors achieve smoother imaging procedures and more accurate test results.

BravePal is a body covering designed in the form of a kitten or puppy that children can embrace during MRIs, Computed Tomography and other imaging exams. It is placed like a blanket on children, and helps conceal the protective restraints they must wear to limit their movement during imaging procedures. It also features small pockets for warming devices that mimic the warmth and weight of hands to help comfort children as they undergo imaging procedures.

Michelle Rhodes, a nuclear medicine technologist, invented the product after helping a child who struggled during a diagnostic test.

“I had a small child under the age of one who woke up during a procedure, even though he was under mild sedation,” Rhodes said. “In order to make sure the baby held still, I laid my hands on him during the entire exam, which made it challenging to perform my other tasks. However, I immediately noticed that the pressure and warmth of my hands were soothing to him. I went home that night and started to design what has now become BravePal.”

Added Steve Bosio, president, Newmatic Medical: “We are always looking for the newest innovation that can improve the care and experience of the patient during diagnostic imaging exams. As soon as we met Michelle and learned about BravePal, we knew we needed to make it available to hospitals and imaging centers across the country. Our goal is that BravePal will bring comfort and calmness to thousands of families and children who undergo these exams every year.  By helping to alleviate the anxiety most children feel during these exams, we believe BravePal will help doctors achieve smoother procedures and more accurate test results.”

Both the kitten and puppy designs of BravePal are available at or by calling 1-800-228-1428.  For more information on BravePal, visit

Newmatic Medical specializes in imaging products and accessories, including sound systems, headphones, wheelchairs and stretchers. The company was founded in 1986, and serves more than 5,000 hospitals and imaging centers. Newmatic Medical is committed to providing innovative solutions that contribute to a better imaging experience for both patients and providers. For more information, visit


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