DETROIT – Politicians kiss babies to win your support and these guys aren’t above it either: To help animals that have long-awaited a forever home, the Michigan Humane Society is launching a new political campaign.

It’s called “Race for the Right House.”

These candidates have the experience, the know-how, and most importantly, the will to create a brighter future for you and your family. 

“With election season coming up, we wanted to do something fun that would also help the pets in our system who, for one reason or another, have been overlooked in their time here,” said Linda Reider, MHS director of animal welfare. “While there are many reasons that it may take a while for pets to be adopted, the reason we’re all here is to find each of these pets the loving home they deserve – their very own Right House.”

Because MHS has no time limits for adoption or predetermined length of stay for any animal, some pets – primarily cats – have been with MHS and waiting for a home for a significant time. The longest-tenured residents at MHS are Meesha and Lupe – two feline sisters who came to MHS together. These terrific running mates have been waiting more than five months for their very own Right House.

The Race for the Right House campaign is to benefit pets like Meesha and Lupe – overlooked or special needs animals who may need a little bit of extra help to find a loving family. These could include senior pets, three-legged pets, or those with other manageable health conditions. The candidates are featured at, with pictures, biographical information, and – if the Right House isn’t yours – a donation link to support the candidate of your choice.

For more information about pet adoption, including a listing of adoptable animals updated in real time, please visit the MHS website at

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