By: Sara

By now we are all used to stiffer security at the airport. You know the drill with your shoes, your carry-on, and the possibility that you may get the super duper pat down. Somehow a woman in south Florida mistook a TSA agent for a T & A agent and returned the groping favor.

In the security footage, Carol Jean Price is the customer who is trying to explain to a supervisor that the agent who searched her had gone overboard (especially in the private areas). Carol decided the best way to log her complaint was to reenact the situation, so she set down her bags and slid her hands right up the supervisor’s legs and slammed into home plate.

The twist in this story is that Carol used to be a TSA agent…at THAT airport. She may or may not have gotten along with everybody who works there and she feels they may have been seeking pat down revenge. So far Price is facing misdemeanor battery charges to which she has pleaded not guilty.


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