JACKSON — The Heights at Eastwood in Lansing features more than 60 upscale fashion retailers, home furnishing shops, and a variety of dining opportunities.

And as part of the major expansion of Eastwood, besides inviting gathering spots, broad sidewalks and attractive landscaping, there’s also new, high-tech lighting from Jackson-based Full Spectrum Solutions Inc.

Steve Hayward, executive director of Lansing Township’s DDA, partnered with Wesco Distributing, West Michigan Lighting, and Superior Electric of Lansing to complete the effort. The overall occupant response to the recent lighting install was very positive.

“This was a new construction job so there were several different criteria that had to be taken into consideration in regards to lighting,” said Deborah Perkins, sales representative at West Michigan Lighting. “Originally, the expansion was specified with the Limelight System. That system is not practical, not cost effective, and not that energy efficient. We selected the EverLast Smart fixtures because of performance, energy savings, ease of the control, warranty, and the fact that it was U.S. (and) Michigan made.”

Superior Electric installed more than 300 EverLast Bi-Level Parking Garage fixtures in the Heights at Eastwood. The fixture uses enhanced optics, improving fixture efficiency 30 percent and increasing overall light distribution by 35 percent. In addition, the fixtures incorporate bi-level lighting stepping down the fixtures to 40 of full lighting output when the area is vacant for a set length of time, then stepping back up automatically when the area is occupied. This technology creates the perfect lighting necessary for improved pedestrian safety in parking facilities, and energy efficiency for the building the fixtures occupy.

Said Troy Trimbach, lighting specialist at Wesco: “We chose EverLast for this job simply because they provide an energy efficient alternative … Performance, life expectancy, and warranty are additional incentives our experienced lighting experts immediately recognized.”

Added the DDA’s Hayward: “The primary reasons that we chose to go with EverLast were energy efficiency and light distribution. Throughout the process we had compared the EverLast fixtures to three or four dozen different types of fixtures with Wesco on the site. Even tough some fixtures were cheaper, the overall efficiency coupled with the bi-level sensor satisfied all of the needs of our facility making it an easy decision. The aesthetics of the EverLast fixtures help give the Heights an entirely new feel, in addition to energy savings and lowered maintenance costs.”

EverLast Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. For additional product information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call (888) 383-7578 or send an email to info@everlastlight.com.


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