By Carol Cain

By Carol Cain

George Bush is looking to inspire a new generation of young professionals to get involved in the political process as he criss-crosses the country pitching for his Maverick PAC.

That’s George Prescott  Bush, the son of Jeb Bush – who goes by the nickname “P.”

The 36-year-old  is son of former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush,   eldest grandson of “No. 41” former President George Herbert Walker Bush, and nephew of “No. 43” President George W. Bush.

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Just as the Kennedys dominated the Democratic side of the aisle, the Bush’s have made their presence known on the GOP stage as few others.

George P. Bush is among the upcoming generation of the family stepping into the spotlight.

He was in Detroit to  raise money for Maverick PAC and reach out to young conservatives who aren’t engaged in the political process. . He is setting up chapters in key battleground states like Michigan to help change the  trajectory from four years ago when voters in the 18-29 age range voted 66 in favor of President Barack Obama (over GOP candidate John McCain).

He took time to tape “Michigan Matters” and discussed family,  his organization, and energizing Latinos as well as  Gen Y and Milllenials in politics.

Bush started MaverickPAC  10 year ago in  Texas to raise money for statewide races. Seeing the focus around the country he decided to change it to federal races.

He’s  also  been tapped along with  dad, Jeb Bush, by Michigan native son and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to serve on Romney’s committee to help him engage with Hispanic voters.

George P. Bush is half Mexican as his mother, Columba, is from Mexico and became a naturalized citizen.

During a taping of “Michigan Matters” young Bush said,  “Too many decisions in Washington are made by people more interested in winning re-election.”

When asked about if he might go into politics,  Bush said,“I first have to make my own mark in the world before those kind of opportunities are possible.”

George P. Bush is a lawyer and   Naval Reserve Intelligence officer who lives in Ft. Worth, Texas. He served in Afghanistan.

Today, he runs two companies in Texas with one  in real estate and other in energy.

Bush  stepped into the spotlight at age 12 when he spoke at the 1988 GOP National Convention when his Grandpa was nominated to run for  the White House.  He also spoke at the  2004 and 2008.GOP National Conventions too.

He hasn’t yet been asked to speak at the GOP National Convention in Tampa next month. But Vegas oddmakers would suggest the prospects are pretty good

Of Romney, George P. Bush added:  ”I think he’ll be a great candidate in the general election.”

The Right Stuff

Bush is affable, quick to smile and seems nonplussed by the attention and questions that  come his way.

His demeanor reminds one of  Barbara Bush, the matriarch of the Bush clan who is married to No 41. She’s known for her candor as is Jeb, his dad, who caused a stir  when he recently told CBS  Early Show’s  Charlie Rose that Ronald Reagan and his father would have a harder time fitting in with today’s GOP.

George P. Bush agreed with his dad on that point.

“George is the real deal,” Jeb Bush said of his son.  “He is  working hard to be a successful business guy and spends a lot of time helping the conservative cause. He has built MavPAC along with a group of idealistic friends to bring energy into the Republican Party.”

Bush is   married to Amanda Williams, a lawyer who is  partner at Jackson Walker LLP in Fort Worth.They met attending University of Texas Law School.

She presented the opposing argument during a class. He was smitten and they married  a year later.

Bush splits his time running his companies and on the family passion — making a difference through politics.

Young Turks for GOP

He is working to build an army of dedicated conservative young professionals.

“He is drawn to public service in a myriad of ways and although he currently maintains focus on his career and various other activities, perhaps one day, this passion will lead him to answer the call to serve in the political arena,” said Rob Tiede, 37, a Detroit executive, who has known him for years.

Tiede, along with former Michigan House of Representatives member Andrew Rocky Raczkowski and Sean Doolan, of JP Sales Co. are co-founders of the Michigan Chapter of the group.

Bush wants to grow the organization from  2,500 members  to 5,000 and steer $150,000 to Republican candidates for federal office.

“That’s really the purpose of the organization, to bring in new blood,” he added.

Bush will also head  to  Grand Rapids which is known for its  base of deep pocketed GOP conservatives with family names like DeVos, Van Andel and Secchia who aren’t shy about opening their  checkbooks for the right cause.

“I plan to spend more time in Michigan than any other state,” Bush said.

On the prospect of another Bush in the White House,  he said the country may still be suffering from Bush-fatigue.

Some had expected Jeb Bush to run for president this time, which he decided against.

Bush said his dad is happy being in business with  brother, Jeb Bush, 28, in  Miami where they run a consulting firm in the banking industry.

“My dad is thrilled’ to be in business with ‘Jebbie,’ “ George Bush said. “I  admit I’m a little jealous.”

Jeb Bush also runs the Foundation For Excellence in Education, an influential national education organization he started after leaving the governor’s post in Florida.

When asked what he’d like to be doing 10 years from now,  Bush said “I love what I am doing now. I love the art of the deal and I hope to continue to be involved in public service in some way.”

(Carol Cain is the Emmy winning senior producer and host of “Michigan Matters”  on CBS62 which airs 11:30 a.m. Sundays. She writes about politics and business in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press. She can be reached at

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