By Scott Ryan

My journey is in its seventh month and has seen plenty of ups and downs.  Often, I’ll make 10 or 20 calls all at once–and I certainly don’t expect every one to be a hit.  Emails and Facebook messages have been more effective, but those can only take you so far.

For every ten calls I make, I’ll get a few bad numbers, a few voice mails, and maybe one person on the phone.  But that one conversation can make the whole effort worthwhile.

Because I only kept in touch with a few classmates to begin with, I have to re-introduce myself to whoever’s on the phone–but it doesn’t take long to get into a comfort zone.  In the age of texting and social networking, it is refreshing to take part in an actual conversation where you can hear someone laugh instead of reading the ubiquitous “LOL.”

I’ve heard stories from classmates who are still with their high school sweethearts, classmates who’ve decided they need a fresh start in life, and classmates who haven’t settled down yet.

To be honest, the most rewarding talks are with people whose lives are in transition.  I can usually hear the hesitancy in their voices, unsure about what lies ahead.  But my words are genuine, and I try to be reassuring, because everyone has had their own drama.  I think some people are worried that they’ll be the only person dealing with (name your crisis:  divorce, losing a job, money issues, weight).  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve all had to deal with those things over the years–and more–so we’re in no position to judge anyone.  I just hope I’ve left them feeling a little more self-confident–and maybe they’ll want to join us at next year’s reunion, so they can find out just how much they really have in common with everyone.

Which reminds me–the class before us just had their 25th reunion last weekend, so it’s time for our group to start planning things.

*About this blog:  Scott is a 1988 graduate of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, Va. and is blogging about his experience ahead of his 25th high school reunion in 2013.  You can contact Scott at 248-945-9950 or via email at  Please put “The Reunion Project” in the subject line.


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