NEF To Meet On Unusual Biz Ideas: The Ann Arbor New Enterprise Forum will host its ninth annual “Unusual Entrepreneurs Program,” called “New Twists on Old Ideas,” on Thursday, July 26. The meeting date is a week later than usual during the month because of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Innovative entrepreneurs have a knack for making the old new again!  Old business concepts and ordinary products are ripe to be tweaked and developed into new businesses.  Join us to hear from a special panel of entrepreneurs who have taken a new look at products, services, and technologies in our everyday world.  A fun and inspiring program for entrepreneurs and wannabes! Panelists include Brad Alan, founder of Switcheels, a new design of women’s shoe that converts between high and low heel (see a YouTube video at; Bradley J. Foster, founder of SparkForce, a computer sales and repair company; and Jordan Silverman, co-founder of Star Toilet Paper, which prints ads and coupons on toilet paper. The moderator is serial entrepreneur and consultant Jesse Bernstein. The showcase presentation is SurClean, which is developing technology spun-out from American Laser Enterprises for a hand-held laser paint removal system targeted for the aircraft industry. The event runs from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn North Campus, 3600 Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor. It’s free to NEF members, $20 for non-members, $5 for students. For more info, visit


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