By Sara

Is it more embarrassing to forget the lyrics to the national anthem while you are performing the song, or to get through the whole thing only by checking the crib sheet on your wrist? Country artist Luke Bryan decided it was the former, as he prepared himself for the honor of singing the national anthem at Wednesday night’s All Star Game. He prepared himself in much the same way I got through a few spelling tests in middle school.¬† Check him out.

Did he think people wouldn’t notice that during the song his eyes were downcast as he scanned his skin for the right words? I know people are gun-shy after Christina Aguilera and few American Idol kids botched the anthem within the last few years, but this plan of attack just looked goofy. He knew he was on television and not radio, right? And, wait a second, did I also see him check his watch? Did he have somewhere else to be? Was he worried that he needed to run and put more quarters in the meter?

Well, according to Luke’s Twitter, he is really sorry and didn’t mean to offend anyone, he was just really nervous. He swears that he respects the song and that his singing really came from the heart. And the watch checking thing? Bryan said he started the song late and wanted to make sure he matched up with the timing for the stealth bomber fly over.

Mystery solved.


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