DETROIT — The fine folks at are back with another set of fascinating job prospects, job openings where you can earn big bucks by referring friends, and tips for re-entering the work force after an absence.

So why wait? Here are the job openings:

* Gentex Corp. posted nine engineering positions, including embedded software development engineer, advanced mechanical engineer in product design, associate software tools test engineer, manufacturing software engineering technician, product design engineer, supplier quality engineer for electronics, customer quality engineer, systems engineer for requirements, and production support engineer.
* Continuity Programs posted three new jobs, including an account executive, an administrative assistant and a senior PHP developer
* Solid Cage Inc. posted seven new jobs. The company is looking to hire three business development executives and four sales representatives.
* International Bancard posted four new jobs, including a merchant services relationship manager, a receptionist, a merchant services bank channel director and a merchant services bank channel district sales manager.

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money.  Here are this week’s big bonus jobs:
* CorePHP — Web designer — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Urban Bound — customer success manager — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* One America Financial Partners — retirement education consultant – $4,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Perceptron – electrical engineer – $4,000 hiring and referral bonus

Tips for Re-Entering the Workforce

The following tips were written by Kelly Olin, Certified Career Coach and Trainer. For complete tips visit the blog.

If you are planning to re-enter the workforce after a long-term gap in employment or voluntary leave to care for children or other family members, then you might find yourself overwhelmed with today’s environment. From the challenging economy, to the use of new technology such as social media, it can all feel overwhelming. But don’t worry; here are some tips and resources to help guide you through the process.

1) Care to Prepare. Before pursuing your former career choice, ask yourself: did I really love what I was doing? Does my career choice fit with my lifestyle preferences today? If you can’t answer with a solid YES, then now is the perfect time to consider other options. If you don’t know where to start, career and personality assessments can help you un-biasedly identify the top career choices that fit your characteristics and professional strengths.

2) Freshen Up. Before you start applying for jobs, begin re-building your professional network and confidence by joining organizations, attending networking events and continuing education courses in your career field. Use your social media networks to reach out to your former colleagues to see what they are up to. Because of your break in employment, you might not look as good on paper as you do in person so these personal relationships could be the key to getting you hired!

3) Take the On Ramp. After staying at home for a prolonged period, transitioning to a 9-5 can be quite overwhelming. Don’t feel pressured to jump right back in full time! There are many other options for employment these days such as part time, temp work, work from home, flex time, job sharing, independent contracting and entrepreneurship. Consider which option works the best for you and seek companies that support these flexible options.

4) Be Confident. Just because you have been out of the workplace does not mean you have to start from the bottom. As you write your resume and prepare for interviews, emphasize the transferable skills that you have gained over the years and can apply to this new position. And when it comes to salary, do your research. You deserve today’s market rate for the position you are applying for, not what you were paid before your absence. is a fantastic resource for information on salaries and employers.

5) Be Patient. Finally, it is important to remember that today’s economy is not the same workplace as it was 10 years ago. For that reason, it might take a little longer for you to find your ideal position. Don’t let this discourage you! Overcoming rejection, managing your emotions and perseverance are critical skills for success these days. You are valuable! Surround yourself with a support system that boosts your confidence and reminds you how truly fabulous you are. In time, you will find the right fit. Just keep on keeping on!


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